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Tooth Extraction Penrith

Tooth Extraction Penrith

Our Quality Tooth Extraction in Penrith

Dr Tran’s Dental Kingswood is your experienced and reputable dental professional for painless tooth extraction in Penrith. We aim to keep your natural teeth healthy for as long as possible. However, it is sometimes in the best interest of our patient to extract or remove a tooth, which can provide space for orthodontic treatment. Such a procedure is even more necessary for badly decayed teeth that are beyond saving and causing pain.


Whatever your reason for having a tooth removed, our professionals will take care of you. Moreover, we are gentle, compassionate, and dedicated to giving our patients the best dental care. As professionals, we believe preventive dental care and patient education are the keys to oral health. That’s why we do everything we can to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth throughout your life, besides giving you a quality tooth extraction service.


Reasons Why Penrith Residents Get Tooth Extraction Treatment

At Dr Tran’s Dental Kingswood, we avoid tooth extraction unless there is no other way of dealing with our Penrith patient’s problem. Several reasons can make tooth extraction the only viable option and solution to your problem. Some of the reasons we recommend tooth extraction to our clients are:

  • A severely damaged tooth
  • Advanced stage of tooth decay
  • Advanced tooth disease of infection
  • Preparation for cosmetic treatment

Wisdom teeth can also cause problems, making their removal the best option for your health and comfort. They could lack the space to grow or sprout at the wrong angle, leading to partial emergence. Impaction can also occur when a tooth pushes into another object, like gum, bone, or a wisdom tooth growing into another tooth. This may cause root pressure resorption, eventually leading to the loss of these healthy and functioning teeth.

Tooth Extraction Penrith
Tooth Extraction Penrith

Why We’re Penrith’s Preferred Tooth Extraction Expert

Before our dental team in Penrith starts a tooth extraction treatment, we always examine the tooth and explain why it needs to be extracted. After the examination, we will advise you whether a further examination through x-rays is necessary. We’ll also ensure you’re fully aware of the costs of any treatment.


At Dr Tran’s Dental Kingswood, we offer safe services in a comfortable environment for your peace of mind. Moreover, the treatment plans we provide come with costs and item numbers. In doing so, you get to determine what your health funds will cover and calculate how much you need for your treatment. Moreover, we understand that not all treatments are the same. Hence, when considering the cost of treatment, it isn’t always advisable to look at the cheapest service. We recommend that you choose a dentist who can give you value for money, not only because they’re cheap.


If you need help with tooth extractions in Penrith, do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation.

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