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Revitalise Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers from Dr. Tran’s Dental Practice, Serving Penrith, Castlereagh, Emu Plains and Emerton


When it comes to teeth, many people look at it either from the angle of health or from the angle of appearance. As with all things, reality blends the two a bit and porcelain veneers are a perfect example of this. If you’re considering veneers in Castlereagh, it’s best to consider not only what the procedure involves, but how it can prove beneficial for you.


Dr. Tran’s Dental Practice - Kingswood provides comprehensive oral care ranging from basic examinations to tooth extractions, and all kinds of cosmetic dentistry. As we boast 22 years of experience serving the community we live in, we have been able to provide porcelain veneers to Penrith residents and see first-hand the positive impact that this procedure can have on someone both personally and professionally.


What Do You Need to Know About Veneers in the Emu Plains Area?


The concept behind veneers is quite simple. For several reasons, your teeth may need extra support to function the way that they were meant to. For a fuller idea of how the procedure works, let’s approach the problems it can address, the procedure itself, and the benefits.


  • Reasons for Veneers – Veneers help Emerton residents in a variety of ways. Some of the usual reasons which prompt a person to investigate veneers are worn enamel, wear and tear, genetics, uneven teeth and discolouration. Through regular use of your teeth, even with brushing and flossing frequently and receiving dental check-ups, these things can still require extra attention.
  • The Procedure – Veneers for Emu Plains locals are admittedly a bit of a process to put on. In many cases, it can involve two visits spaced weeks apart that each take several hours. The reason for this is that the solution is long term, lasting a decade on average, but requiring the right conditions. We’ll examine your teeth and ensure that any underlying issues have been resolved and that you are in good condition to receive treatment. For porcelain veneers, a mould will be taken, and the veneers professionally made.
  • The Benefits – Once completed, you can immediately see the results. The colour of your veneers will be appropriate for your smile and give you a fresh appearance. Further, gaps or tooth misalignment will be addressed and make your smile straighter. Finally, the procedure leaves the structure of your teeth intact, meaning that your teeth are alive and healthy as ever.


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You are likely to have some questions about how to prepare for the procedure and if it’s right for you. Our courteous and knowledgeable team can speak with you to address any concerns you have and provide you the answers that you need. We want to ensure that you receive the best possible care when it comes to veneers in Penrith, which is why we’ll work with you from the initial appointment to the in-house lab work that we need to make the procedure a success. Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic appointment or to find the answers that you need before you undergo the procedure.