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Do You Need Dentures? Count on Dr Tran’s Dental for High Quality, Great Looking Dentures in Blue Mountains, Penrith, Castlereagh, Emu Plains, or Kingswood


A common misconception is that dentures are only for senior citizens or older adults. In reality, though, many patients can benefit from dentures. If you’re suffering tooth loss, then speaking with your dentist about dentures might not be a bad idea. There are many situations in which dentures can provide increased levels of comfort, function, and aesthetic. Of course, at Dr Tran’s Dental, we understand that some patients are embarrassed to raise the topic of dentures, especially if they’re in a younger age range. If you have questions about dentures in Kingswood, though, we want you to know that you can come to us for a completely judgment-free assessment and consultation. We will provide honest recommendations for the next steps of your dental health and will work with you to ensure the best results with whatever your path may be.


Signs That You May Need Dentures


If you feel like you may need dentures, the best thing by far is to consult your dentist about dentures in Blue Mountains or Emu Plains. However, if you’re wondering which warning signs might indicate a need for dentures, here are a few:


  • You have several missing teeth: As you lose teeth, extra burden shifts to the other teeth in your mouth. As a result, the fewer teeth you have, the more you’re likely to lose. Also, if your teeth are loose, shifting or falling out, those are all signs of advanced gum disease. You should consult a dentist about dentures in Penrith or Castlereagh if you have reached this point.
  • You have frequent toothaches in multiple teeth: Chronic toothaches indicate that decay in your teeth has reached such an extent that it’s affecting the nerves in the centre of your teeth. In some cases, fillings may be to correct some of the tooth decay. If the decay has gone far enough, though, then dentures may be a better option.
  • Your gums are red, sore, bleeding, tender or swollen: Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults, and tooth loss usually demands dentures. If your gums are not healthy and exhibit several of the symptoms mentioned above, you should talk to a dentist about dentures in Emu Plains or Penrith.


If any of these situations describe you, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist right away.


Learn More about Dentures in Kingswood from Dr Tran’s Dental


The best way to avoid dentures is to take good care of your teeth and gums and make frequent visits to the dentist. After a certain point, though, prevention may not be an option. In such cases, you can achieve greater comfort, function, and overall oral health by embracing dentures rather than ignoring the fact that you need them.


At Dr Tran’s Dental, we work with patients to make them more comfortable with the idea of dentures. We also use the highest quality materials available to craft our dentures and work with local Australian laboratories to get the best denture designs possible. The dentures we provide are durable, functional, and comfortable — all while looking fantastic.


If you’re looking for advice on dentures in Castlereagh, Blue Mountains or anywhere else in or need Kingswood, contact Dr Tran’s Dental today.