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Locate Comprehensive Dentist Services in Blue Mountains, Emu Plains and Kingswood


Dental care and oral hygiene are essential aspects of living a healthy life. While everyone can appreciate fresh breath, it is often misunderstood how vital the health of your teeth is to your overall health. Because the food we eat and the very air we breathe pass through our mouths, dental issues like gum or tooth decay can easily impact other parts of our bodies.

Having comprehensive dental services is the best way to prevent issues. Regular dentist check-ups are a certain way to minimise gum disease and oral issues, if not eliminate them entirely, when used in conjunction with proper oral hygiene practices. Dr. Tran’s Dental Practice – Kingswood provides that comprehensive care and functions as a dentist for Kingswood which is well-established and highly professional.


Are You Looking for a Dentist Near Emu Plains or the Blue Mountains?


We provide a caring and welcoming atmosphere to all our patients. With over 22 years of experience, our clinic has the confidence, knowledge and techniques to provide dental care in all conditions. Our services are extensive as a dentist near Emu Plains, so here are a few highlights:


  • Anxious Patients – Whether you’re a parent with a child who has a fear of dentists, or you have had bad experiences in the past, we can help. Our team is professional, compassionate and familiar with how to assist in minimising the stress and anxiety that can come with oral care.
  • Preventive Dentistry – There are numerous situations that, if not dealt with, can cause significant troubles for you later. Sleep apnoea and teeth grinding are associated with genuine health problems that warrant proper treatment. In fact, teeth grinding can get to a point where it causes nearly constant pain to a nearly debilitating degree.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Over the course of time, teeth naturally become stained through daily consumption of coffee, wine, smoking and even regular food. Additionally, even if you didn’t need braces when you were younger, misaligned teeth can still develop and warrant minor corrections. We are a dentist near the Blue Mountains which can provide those adjustments and corrections.
  • General Dentistry – We happily provide regular check-ups and examinations, as well as scaling and treatment. We can also give fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth against cavities which otherwise could cause permanent damage to your teeth.


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We believe it should be easy to get the care that you need from a dentist. That’s why we give you multiple options on how to schedule an appointment. You can call us and speak with our courteous staff, or fill out our online form. In either event, once it’s set, you’ll be able to come in and receive professional and thorough dental care.

We want you to feel comfortable. Our facility is clean and modern, and we insist on using high-quality materials when it comes to providing oral care. As an independent practice, our focus is on giving you the best care possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.