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Anxious Patients

Here at Dr Tran's Dental Surgery, we pride ourselves on patient care. Dr Tran and our team have been practising an informed and empathetic approach to all aspects of dental treatment for many years. We constantly strive to provide a calm and gentle experience for all of our patients.


It is not uncommon to have anxiety about your dental visit. Most patients are anxious to some degree but there are, from time to time, the very few who are unable to deal with anxiety, requiring active management such as the "magic green whistle" - penthrox (an inhaled medication) like that which is used on "Bondi Rescue" reality TV series. In rare cases, medications can be prescribed.


For the majority of patients, including those who have had bad dental treatment experiences in their childhood past or adult past, we have been able to do treatments without any problems or issues.  All of our staff members are here to help and make your experience as comfortable as possible. All of our treatment planning is customised to suit each individual and their needs.